Trick or Treat Punch Piñata Style!

In September, I shared a punch piñata I made for my daughter’s Birthday.  It was a huge hit. After the party, only the punch piñata skeleton remained. I saved it so I could make it into a new punch piñata for a little boy in November. My dilemma was what to do with it in the meantime. It was sitting there, staring at me. It was HUNTING ME!

IMG_3506 IMG_3505

As I looked at its empty plastic shell, my creative juices started to flow, and I got an idea. HALLOWEEN! Punch Piñata Trick or Treat! I began turning the skeleton piñata shell into something new. My idea was going to come to life, much like Frankenstein’s monster.

IMG_3507 IMG_3508 IMG_3509

I started out by filling the piñata with; vampire teeth, monster erasers, spider rings, bat rings and of course some sugary treats. Once all the goodies were sorted, I covered one punch piñata in orange tissue paper and another in a white sparkling paper to create a pumpkin and a ghost for a school Halloween party.

Ghostly Surprise


For the ghost, I used two tissue pieces to cover each cup so the kiddos couldn’t see what awaited them inside. In the bottom row, I covered 6 cups with one tissue piece and used the rubber band to secure it. Then I put longer pieces over those cups to make it look more like a ghost.

*It is important to secure the bottom row with rubber bands, or the treats will fall out when you tilt it up.

Pumpkin Delight


For the pumpkin, I covered the entire thing with orange tissue and secured the bottom row with rubber bands. I then added black tissue for the eyes, nose and mouth. I used brown ribbon and paper to make the stem and green construction paper for the leaf.

The next day the piñatas were delivered to my daughter’s school for their Halloween party.

Treats or Tricks?

If you want to create a piñata but have an older crowd, try spicing things up by adding more tricks than treats to each of the cups.  Fill some cups with slime or whip cream for a gooey surprise. Leave some cups empty, or put in some gag gifts like itching powder, Whoopi cushions or other fun tricks to play on others.  For an adult party, turn it into a punch drinking game with pieces of paper inside the cups indicating what they must drink. The ideas are endless.

Fill the piñata with age appropriate gifts, tricks or treats and have fun with your very own Halloween Trick or Treat Punch Piñata!

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