Paws to Read: Fountain Hills Library

Have you ever taken your children to the library to encourage reading and reduce screen time only to find them clicking on the library computer as soon as they arrive? This is a frequent frustration of mine.

I want to encourage my children to read and explore adventures through books instead of the computer screen.  Lately, though, their interest have fallen to the DVD collection and the computers. Ugh.  How can I encourage them to sit down and read?

Paws 2 Read

The Paws 2 Read program provided an opportunity to break the computer cycle.  When we first arrived my kids ran straight for the computers as usual, but when they saw the dog they paused. My little one stopped to pet him. I told her she could pick a book and read to the dog. She seemed to like this idea and ran around the aisles in search of the perfect book. My oldest still went to the computers, but within 5 minutes she was petting the dog and reading to him.

My children were quietly reading. It was a beautiful sight.

Paws to read

The Paws to Read program provides an opportunity to bond with a dog while you read. It is a quiet and calm atmosphere that helps kids slow down, sit, and relax.

If your little one likes reading, dogs, and the library, I would highly encourage you to try out Paws 2 Read.

The May Paws 2 Read Event is on May 21, 2016, from 10-11:30 am. For all of the Fountain Hills Library Events, check out their website.


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