One Last Hurrah for Old Play Dough

In Arizona, I am sure many parents have memorized their favorite play dough recipe for summer time use. I know I have made play dough so many times for my girls.  It is a great indoor activity, keeps the kids occupied for hours and it is cheap.
I tend to use Miss Kristie’s recipe that we shared a while back. If you need a good recipe, I recommend checking it out by clicking on this link.

Now that summer is finally coming to an end, temperatures are dropping, our outdoor play has increased, and play dough is losing its luster. The play dough is old, crusty and needs to go, but before we throw it away, we do one last activity. I like to think of it as giving the play dough one last hurrah before it goes in the trash.

Volcano Eruption


We take that old crusty play dough and form it into a mountain to make a volcano. I place an empty film canister in the whole of the volcano. I then allow my girls to take turns adding in the ingredients (dish soap, baking soda, food coloring, and vinegar). We make the volcano erupt over and over again until the supplies I set aside are gone. For instructions on making a volcano check out this link.

Volcano Expedition

Play dough 2

After eruptions have ceased, the expedition of the volcano begins! The kids grab toys and play in the volcano. They often pretend someone or something has fallen into the volcano and needs rescuing. This play time tends to last for 30 minutes up to an hour.

Once the kids are done playing, cleanup is easy. All I do is remove my film canister for later use and throw the volcano in the trash.

Reading and Personal Adventures

Paul and I

My husband and me at the top of Mount Vesuvius in 2009.

We follow-up this activity with a little family reading on volcanoes. I also share my personal story of climbing Mount Vesuvius and show them my necklace made out of volcanic ash. It has become a fun tradition in our house. As they get older, I plan to share my pictures of Pompeii and discuss the history of the city.

So the next time you are about to throw away that old crusty play dough, STOP and give it one last hurrah!

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