I HEART the Fountain Hills Community Garden


Fountain Hills has a heart, a soul, and people who care for others. The people of this town come together every time there is a request for help. Strangers help search for lost pets; others provide clothes, necessities, and shelter to families. The diversity of this town is as vast as the welcoming spirit and sense of community.  This community, this city, is a family.  The Community Garden project exemplifies these qualities and creates a central gathering place for everyone.

The community Garden Project Grows

By now, many of you have probably heard of the community garden project. You might have thought it was only an idea or that the project died, however, you would be wrong. The Community Garden project is thriving!

Over the past year, I have witnessed members of this community stand up, take charge and push to create a community garden.  The community garden volunteers have done a fantastic job hosting educational classes, raising funds, applying for grants and gaining support from various organizations.


One of the strongest relationships formed is the relationship with the Fountain Hills Cultural Civic Association. They have partnered with the garden and given the garden a home on their website.

Others have donated, supplies, materials, and labor. See a full list of donors at the end of this article.In addition to these amazing donations, the volunteers have worked hard to acquire grants to help fund other garden projects. Recently, The Fountain Hills Community Garden received a $5000 Senior Services Grant. In honor of this award, the Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association matched it, making the total amount received $10,000. These monies will be used to create handicap accessible garden beds.

One additional grant is still pending. The Fountain Hills Community Garden is still in the running for the Republic Service Grant of $10,000. Voting closes on October 28, 2016. If you want to help the Fountain Hills Community Garden win, please click here  to sign up and assign your points to the garden. For additional instructions on how to do this, check out the Facebook page for the Fountain Hills Community Garden.

Come to the Opening Ceremony October 29!


Joyti Patel accepting the lease of the land for the community garden.

With the lease in hand and funding in place, the physical creation of the garden can begin. In celebration, the garden will have a ceremony at the October 29 meeting. This event will be at the Fountain Hills Community Center from 1-3 pm. I encourage everyone to attend to support the garden and acknowledge the work completed. Attendees will also learn how to create a raised garden beds from this month’s guest speaker.  This event marks the beginning of something new in our community. Make sure you don’t miss this moment.

Claim Your Spot in the Garden

As the garden construction begins, you can now claim your spot. The Fountain Hills Community Garden is now renting garden beds. If you want one for your family, church, or group of friends, make sure you check out the website for further details. Renting a plot for you or your family can be a great investment in your health and community. Besides, renting a plot can also make a wonderful Christmas gift.  Save 10% by making this commitment before November 15, 2016.

If you don’t want to rent a spot but still want to be involved, we have you covered. Click here for more information.

I hope you are as excited as I am by this new growth in our community. Please help the Fountain Hills Community Garden blossom with your personal involvement.

Fountain Hills Community Garden In-Kind Donations

  • Town of Fountain Hills- Initial site prep and annual lease of $1
  • Morning Star is giving all necessary irrigation supplies.
  • Bart Shea is providing the grading and fence.
  • SRP gave $500
  • EPCOR water donated the service line, the water meter, and installation.
  • Mike O’conner- Website/Logo
  • EF Block-Training, assembly supplies
  • The Hills Pizza- Fundraising Dinner $200
  • Regency Marketing (Chris Pinna)- Marketing Materials and design
  • Angela Strohan- Landscape Architectural drawings, grading and design
  • Coates Design- Irrigation plans
  • Doug Lawwyer with Steel Crest for the decorative steel panels.
  • Jenny Willigrod donated garden sign
  • Dr. Patel donated the drive through garden gate
  • Copy Express donated marketing materials

If you would like to donate to the Fountain Hills Garden project, please click  here.


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