i heart: Local Artist Brandon Holmes

For this i heart post, we wanted to highlight a gifted artist that lives right here in Fountain Hills. He also happens to be the designer behind our new I Heart Fountain Hills website revamp and our business partner in ScratchPad Media. His name is Brandon Holmes and he is very talented! Here is a Q&A to help you get to know him a little more:

Brandon Holmes

Brandon Holmes

Give us some background on you and your journey to becoming an artist?

I was in the NAVY for 6.5 years and I have always been fascinated by large machinery and the “industrial look” that is very prominent in the big, gray “boat” that I used to land on as an AirCrewman for the C-2 Greyhound. Being deployed for 6 -7 months, you find yourself either picking up a hobby or working on a pre-existing talent. It wasn’t until after I was honorably discharged from the NAVY that I pursued a bachelors in web-design at the Art Institute of California. The talented people, the art that they produced and the teachers that I learned from, sharpened my skills and helped me to arrive where I am today.

When did you first take an interest in art?

I have seriously been the “artist of my family” since I was like 3. I distinctly remember always coloring Superman.

B art 5

B art 1

B art 2

Tell us about your upcoming exhibit at the Fountain Hills Community Center Aug 1st-31st?

I will be sharing the show with two amazingly talented ladies; Jan Friel and a friend who I asked to join me, Sarah Pippin, from Austin Texas. Her husband and I used to work together and the wife and I did a few double-dates. She has this innocence mixed with whimsy in her pieces. They bring me back to my childhood.

Exhibit flyer

Exhibit flyer

What is your preferred medium and why?

I have just recently started on this white charcoal on blackboard paint “kick”. I think it gives the subject a more dramatic look.

What type of pieces do you get the most requests for?

Portraits. This also happens to be my weakness. It’s so hard to “find” the personality of someone through a drawing. Especially when you try to draw somebody you have never met.

B art 3

B art 4

B art 6

How do you stay inspired?

I have a few sources, actually. I have this amazing mentor named David Lozeau, who blows me away with his “quasi-life” pieces and his vehicles. M.C. Escher has always been a favorite but my biggest idol is Leonardo Da Vinci. His schematics, sketches and human anatomy are timeless.

Why do you HEART Fountain Hills?

I heart that it is so family-oriented. I love that there is a light ordinance and you can see the stars at night. During the spring and fall seasons, the weather just cannot be beat.

His adorable family

His adorable family


Don’t miss the art exhibit, Parsing Dilettantes, that will feature several pieces of Brandon’s work at the Fountain Hills Community Center August 1st -31st. 

To view more of Brandon’s artwork or for any art inquiries visit www.rudepixel.com

To inquire about website design, contact brandon@scratchpadmedia.com or visit www.ScratchPadMedia.com


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