How to Pack a Healthy School Lunch

Let’s Do Lunch!

Happy 1st week of Back-to-School in Fountain Hills! Summer flew by and the start of a busy school year is upon us.  Today, I have some lunch ideas that will make lunchtime fun and nutritious for your hardworking student(s). I’ve learned over the years that our mornings go a lot easier when we stay on task and stick to a routine. In our house we pack lunches at night to make our mornings less stressful. Now that my girls are six and nine, they pretty much handle everything on their own with little-to-no supervision. We do a lot of prep work over the weekends to make it a simple process for the week. Veggies and fruits are washed, cut and put into Tupperware containers for easy access. It’s time we see beyond the typical sandwich, apple and milk and get some variety and color into our lunches!

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Favorite School Lunch Containers

Bento boxes are wonderful for ensuring my girls get a filling and healthy lunch. And, they are earth friendly by eliminating the use of so many plastic baggies. (Try these green re-usable sandwich and snack bags too!) Bento boxes can be purchased at retailers like Target, HomeGoods, Ross and Amazon. Here are a few of my favorites:

Sistema Quaddie

Sistema Quaddie

How to Pack a Healthy School Lunch

In our house, our general rule is to pack a veggie, a protein, a fruit, and a healthy snack of their choice. Now, it’s time to fill those lunch boxes, and here are some ideas:

  • Proteins: hard boiled eggs, turkey/ham/chicken roll ups, pepperoni, salami, chicken strips, meatballs.
  • Veggies: carrot sticks, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, cold pasta with peas and corn, snap peas, snow peas, edamame, celery.
  • Fruits: berries, melons, grapes, orange slices, pineapple, banana, kiwi, apples.
  • Other: cheese sticks, yogurt, apple sauce, low sugar snack bars, crackers, pirates booty, nut butters, dips, nuts, dried fruit, protein bites.
  • Sandwich makeovers: PB & J roll ups using a tortilla instead of bread, turkey wraps, pepperoni and cheese wraps, and quesadillas.

Get creative! Use cookie cutters to make shapes with melon, cheese slices, cucumbers and deli turkey slices. Cupcake papers make great compartments to help separate foods. Bento boxes are perfect for adult kids too!   Bento 1 Bento 2

Healthy Snack Ideas

Need snack ideas? Click the link for fun kid friendly after school snacks! Wishing you and your children a fantastic 2014-2015 school year! xo, Sonia

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About Sonia:

Sonia is a Fountain Hills resident that is on a mission to empower our community to live happy-healthy lives through nutrition and fitness education. Her passions for both show through her love for exercise and helping people in the community make healthier choices. Recently, Sonia partnered with the Town of Fountain Hills to put on the 2014 Wellness & Safety Fair this past April to bring awareness to our town and help promote local fitness and wellness businesses. Sonia is a Certified Nutrition Coach, Amenzone Fitness Trainer and Amenzone Foundation Trainer. If you have any questions for Sonia, please email or call.          425.531.0872

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