Haunted Tales from Fountain Hills

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We would not have guessed that our sleepy little town of Fountain Hills would have its fair share of  slightly strange, haunted, and downright scary paranormal stories.  We rounded up a collection of stories that were compiled from personal accounts from readers and sources online.  Caution that these stories are not meant for children’s eyes and not for the faint of heart.  We will not be responsible for any sleepless nights or grown adults all of a sudden needing night lights.  Please do not attempt to disturb any occupants or locations.

Ashbrook Wash

Ashbrook wash - iheartfountainhills.comLocals claim that cold spots, humming sounds, screaming, and shadows that follow you can be found in this spot.  Legend has it that a woman was murdered here, and haunts the wash.






Shadow Cyclist

I work in Fountain Hills and every Sunday night around 2:20 am (early Monday morning) when I stand outside to smoke, a bicyclist appears out of nowhere, he has lights on his helmet and bicycle, no noise, just black shadow with a helmet on.

He rides in Front of the place I work and once he is by, he just disappears. I wonder if someone was killed on this road. It is pretty scary. Two other employees have witnessed this with me on different nights. – Linda

Haunted House

In a house in Fountain Hills there is a house where they have visitors around the house at night. Looking at you though a mirror or just standing there in the master bedroom which was never used do to the cold chills you got when you walked in or by.
Those are just some of the creeps that went on at this house in Fountain Hills. To top it off this was one of the first houses to be built in Fountain Hills.

Bearded Ghost

One night about 12 am I was driving to pick my niece up from work. I live on the north side of town. It was dark and I passed this man on an old three wheel bike and he was moving slow. He had long socks with a long curly beard.
I drove past and it freaked me out so I turned around to see him again and he was gone. – Jerry

Glenbrook Drive

Glenbrook - iheartfountainhills.comOne night while I was driving east on Glenbrook Drive, I saw big bright yellow lights just over the horizon possibly over the reservation. They were not aircraft lights. They were too big to be a flashlights, searchlights, or headlights. As I drove down the hill, and came back up, they were gone. – Cheryl







Lady In White

There are numerous sightings of the mysterious lady in white roaming the streets of Fountain Hills at night.  She has been seen on Saguaro Blvd.  Another resident reports driving down Grande Blvd. at night where she saw a woman in white in the middle of the road.  She stopped and got out of the car, but the woman was nowhere to be found.

Grande Ghost

My bedroom in Fountain Hills has a ghost. Time to time I have heard it growl and also have felt cold hands on my feet… Grande Blvd. -Anonymous

Haunted House on Keymar

Keymar - iheartfountainhills.comKeymar Dr. House on the southside right as the street curves. My father built this home in the late 80s. I witnessed a black figure in my room at night. It was two dimensional but extremely muscular and lean.  My room was the first room in the hallway the most southern bedroom. I understand this home has been renovated and expanded since we left in the early 90s. Beware. – Anonymous




Enclave Haunting

I never felt comfortable in our condo.  As soon as you would walk in, you would feel pressure in the air.  My dog would constantly bark seemingly without reason in a certain room.  Something would constantly knock on my night stand, and wake me up at night.  I felt so much better when we moved out.  -Anonymous

Strange Creature on the Beeline

I was driving east on the Beeline going towards Ft. Mcdowell casino as I approached the lights turning left at the casino’s first entrance I saw a creature with coarse short hair like a bull. It stood upright about 7 ft tall with large horns on it’s head the horns were large and curled at the ends.

It seemed like it was trying to cross the highway but turned away as I was making a left turn at the light. I didn’t see it’s face or eye’s since it quickly turned around heading back into the brush.
I made a slow u-turn hoping to get a better look but ready to take off if it got too close. It shook me up so much I went back home and abandoned any plans I had with friends waiting for me at the casino.

I just moved to Fountain Hills and it is very very dark and creepy here at night. I know what I saw was real it was only 12 ft from me. Makes me wonder about all these ”missing” hikers that are never found. – Allen

Golden Eagle Park

A paranormal investigative crew tried to make contact with a supposed ghost haunting Golden Eagle Park’s women’s bathroom, and picked up audio recording of an entity toying with them.


How to Cleanse Your Home With Sage

Have we sufficiently freaked you out in your own house?  Consider cleansing your home with with sage.  You can purchase dried sage sticks at Nature’s Finest right here in Fountain Hills.

Have any Fountain Hills ghost stories to share? 

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12 Responses to Haunted Tales from Fountain Hills

  1. Jay Schlum 24 October, 2014 at 5:33 pm #

    This is great stuff.

  2. Justin 20 March, 2015 at 8:22 am #

    I saw lights over fountain hills one night with a buddy coming back home from scottsdale. We were coming up shea and right at palisades kind of to the left over the reservation, there were green and yellow lights. We made our way out to the reservation on the back road over the cattle guard. We stopped and looked left, they were still there. They were high enough off the ground that it coulda been a house on a hill but we were to scared to approach. So the next morning before school we drove out to the same spot to investigate.. no lights.. no hill.. no houses.. flat desert.

  3. Marie 20 March, 2015 at 10:37 pm #

    Wow! I totally believe the one about the 7ft creature. I’m from the Fort McDowell Reservation and we have many stories of this creature too. I would write the name of this creature on here but I’m afraid ill attract his spirit. Lol. I rather not take a chance.

    We also have stories of “the Little People”

    • Ally 20 March, 2015 at 10:43 pm #

      Thanks for your comments, Marie! What are the “little people”?

      • Tim Davis 28 April, 2017 at 4:12 pm #

        I work at the casino and have since 89…. I can tell you a number of stories about the “little people” Marie is talking about.
        Back in the old issue room (where bingo paper is counted, collated and issued from), there used to be a big metal grated door; employees would hear what sounded like little kids giggling. The metal door slamming shut on a number of occasions . As well, you when you would come to work in the morning, your computer would have random things typed showing on your monitor. There was even an occasion where small dirt foot prints where found on the floor, when someone arrived in the morning to work in the issue room.

        When people talk about them, the reference is made “the children were playing again”.

        Now, regarding the man/best looking creature – He is known as the “hoof man”, and there have been numerous reportings of him. I have not seen him, but have several friends from the tribe that have had encounters with him/it.
        This is one that my GF told me – Her and a friend of hers were out one night (it was dark out and out there in the dark is creep enough, trust me), waiting for some of their boyfriends to show up at the the Verde River that runs through the res. They heard what appeared to be an almost amplified screech from a goat (he supposedly part goat) – Then they heard loud/almost horse/bull footsteps approaching them (it is a brush/wooded area, so they heard brush and twigs snapping getting close to them at a fast pace. They had heard stories growing up of the “Hoof Man”, and believed it might have been him (they were 14-15 year old girls at the time), so they started running. When she told me the story (btw.. it has never changed in the 3-4 times she told me it) – she said imagine being followed by a horse, as the footsteps were that loud. And as they ran faster, the footsteps also got faster. They made it out to Fort McDowell rd, which only has a couple of street lights, and started running down the road (towards B-line), the footsteps continued and still progressed faster. They then heard the screech again, multiple times and the footsteps now started also clicking against the pavement road. They ended up running to a friends house along Fort McDowell rd, as my GF’s house was one of the houses behind the casino.
        Needless to say, they never again hung out by the rivers edge again after that night.

        I have even heard a story that he was seen inside the casino, however I have never seen him myself.

  4. Angelo 22 March, 2015 at 2:50 am #

    I lived in fountain hills on and off for a decent portion of my life growing up, we lived all over town spanning from the fountanas I & II, right off fountain hills blvd. across from the old racquet club, saguaro woods, fire rock estates, amongst a few other places with one of them being a duplex on ashbrook and right outside my back bedroom window and back patio door was the ashbrook wash or also known as (devils wash). Now I’ve heard several different stories about the wash and it’s history but I would much rather not get into anything specific, but I assure you that there is something or someone lurking back there after darkness falls across the town at night. I have experienced everything from a finger thumping up against the glass and from what sounded like someone pressing their finger tip up against the glass and sliding it from one side of the window all the way across to the other side, and then repeating the same thing except this time it came from the top of the window sliding straight down to the bottom. Which would resemble that of a cross if you copied the same movements with a pencil on to a sheet of paper! But nobody was there but I could still hear that finger tip sliding across that window as I glanced out into the darkness of night? I also heard unexplained voices which to me sounded like a female crying on multiple occasions but the two instances that I will never forget were some of the absolute most blood curdling screams I have ever heard in my life, these would top any of the horror film industry scream queens by far! These were so loud and clear and creepy that I got the most horrific case of goose bumps with every hair on the back of my neck and arms standing straight up! Now if that wasn’t bad enough I recall one of my first times ever cutting through the wash taking the short cut home, now this made no sense to me back then which was probably around 1993-94 but I came across several piles of stacked rocks just like in the film The Blair Witch Project which didn’t even exist yet, this is about 10 years prior to that movie coming out in theaters!!! There’s a few other things I can recall but I’m gonna stop right here…

    • stephanie 25 March, 2015 at 10:49 pm #

      Hi Angelo,
      Would you be interested in talking to a paranormal investigator about your experiences?

  5. stephanie 25 March, 2015 at 10:48 pm #

    We are investigating Ashbrook wash and I would love to talk to anyone with a personal story! Please email me at stephanienptk@gmail.com

    • Jenna 14 April, 2015 at 12:17 am #

      My friend and I stumbled across this page and decided to check out some of these hot spots tonight. I can certainly say Fountain Hills is interesting. We were cruising down Bainbridge Dr. around 10:30pm tonight with the windows down. I looked to my right out of the passenger window and noticed a blue flashing bicycle light swerve around my car. I slammed on my brakes and nearly had a heart attack thinking I had almost just ran over some poor guy on his bike. My friend didn’t even notice him either. We were so shaken up we sat there looking behind us in the rear view mirror trying to figure out where the bicyclist even came from. He seemed to be peddling in our direction behind my car for a few short seconds and out of no where, the bicycle light was gone. So of course, my friend had me turn around to see if we could find it again and there wasn’t a single trace of him. Still a little bit shaken up over the whole thing. Also, that house on Keymar is beyond eery.

  6. Anonymous 26 September, 2015 at 5:16 pm #

    I live in one of the oldest homes in FH (73) and our cat stares at one spot on our remodeled bathroom wall and meows and paws under it for minutes at a time before I move her. I only noticed her doing it at first, but the other day, I caught our other cat doing it at exactly the same spot.

  7. Edria Van swaringen 10 April, 2016 at 4:26 pm #

    I moved to fountain hills in 2007, the following summer I was driving on saguaro Blvd from Denny’s with my boyfriend at the time, it was at the wash that I saw a large dog like creature with an arch back, course hair and red eyes. I was driving and freaked out, my boyfriend was talking and distracted so he never saw it. He said it was late and I was seeing things. Two years later we were at a bar on saguaro and as I stood outside I kept hearing straight noises. Needless to say not far from the wash and we left soon after. Still to this day people think I’m crazy, I refuse to drive on saguaro at night

  8. Ben 10 April, 2016 at 8:18 pm #

    I had an experience on Glenbrook. It was pretty late at night and I was on my way to a friends house and I saw someone in a hoodie standing right in the edge of the street swaying, as if considering jumping in front of my car, so I switched lanes and drove past. I then thought that I should see if they needed help or something but I stopped right where I had saw them and they had vanished. I even parked and got out and looked around, no one was there.

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