Get to Know Nick DePorter

Learn more about a Town Council Candidate, Nick DePorter, and his family-friendly campaign goals.

With a clipboard in one hand and his three month old daughter, Abbie, in the other, Nick DePorter modestly introduced himself to us at the Chalk It UP event.  We learned of his passion for making Fountain Hills a great place to raise a family, and his vested interest in supporting and improving our community.  After many discussions with him, we wanted to share what we’ve learned about Nick.  We love his slogan “Building a Vibrant Community,” and think it says a lot of about his goals for our town.Nick 4


We wanted to start by sharing his focus and vision for Fountain Hills:

  • Focus on families of all ages. My goal is to work even harder at transforming our community into one that attracts both retired and young families to create a vibrant environment that serves us culturally, socially and economically. Further expand family activities and venues to serve young and old generations alike.
  • Shared leadership. Our community has an over abundance of talented and innovative citizens. I think with my successful record of strategic planning and business development, and with more emphasis on involving our citizens in our future, we can continue to grow our unique community.
  • I want to build on our reputation as a suburban oasis for people of all ages!
  • Going local. I am fully committed to stabilizing and creating a sustainable local economy and at the same time building opportunities to support and protect our community.
  • Other key interests: Financial sustainability for our community, roads improvement, maintenance and downtown development.

Here are some facts about Nick’s background, experience and roles within the community:

  • Nick lives in Fountain Hills with his wife and two young children. Which as he puts it, “gives a unique position to be looking at things through a young family’s lens”.
  • Nick’s parents and in-laws also live in Fountain Hills, which gives him insight into this demographic as well.
  • Nick holds a degree in Political Science with a minor in business and mass communication from Arizona State. He also has a Master’s Degree from ASU in Public Administration.
  • He holds a job as Associate Director of Strategic Employer Development at Arizona State University.
  • He is the Vice Chairman of Fountain Hills’ Strategic Planning Advisory Commission.
  • He is a Chairman of Chicanos Por La Causa’s Health and Human Services Board.
  • He is on the Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association Board.
  • He was recently named to the Phoenix Business and Workforce Development Board.


What are your top 3 goals for your term in the town council?
My primary goals for my council term are to spread the message of supporting going local, focusing on and representing families in Fountain Hills and providing collaborative leadership that listens to diverse perspectives to make decisions in the best interest of the Town.

How can the town continue to remain competitive and attract jobs and opportunity in the near future?
The Town has adopted an Economic Development plan that serves as a road map to help us be more competitive when it comes to business attraction. It is also important that we create a community that attracts both young and old as community demographics play a large role in site selection. I’d like Fountain Hills to be the place that is able to attract more families to live here in addition to jobs and other opportunities so we can create a sustainable and thriving local economy.

Is there something you would like to see different in the town budget?
I would like to see more resources for our economic development efforts as this is vital to the sustainability of our Town. Additional family oriented events and venues through the Parks and Recreation department would be good as well as I am hearing about the need / demand when speaking to citizens. Of course this all costs money so we must be diligent about our economic development efforts.

How should the town plan for its future growth and development, as well as critical infrastructure?
Because our town income is solely dependent upon local sales tax, we need to encourage our residents to support going local to stabilize and create a sustainable local economy, and build opportunities to support and protect our community. I want to represent families in Fountain hills and transform ourselves into a community that attracts both retired and young families to create a vibrant environment that serves us culturally, socially and economically.

Last question, please tell us why do you ‘heart’ Fountain Hills?
I heart FH because it’s home and it’s the kind of town where your neighbors wave hello to each other. It is a great community for families of all ages. It’s a unique and great place to live local. Our citizens are engaged at making this the best community it can be.

Here are some highlights of what other people have to say about Nick:

Nick has been volunteering on the Town of Fountain Hills Strategic Planning Commission for years. Being a young growing family, Nick will also add a valuable perspective to our Town Council. I also like that he has years of experience in higher education and in business development through his career at Arizona State University. – Jay Schlum, Former Fountain Hills Mayor

His background, perspective and experience will help the citizenry of Fountain Hills achieve the quality of life and economic success we want. He speaks the “language” of economic success and will continue to advocate for the residents. – Cecil Yates, Fountain Hills Town Councilman

He has also taken an interest in learning about the school district and exploring what activities, events or businesses younger families would like to see in Fountain Hills. Nick is the perfect candidate for our small town. He brings with him leadership and business experience from his career with ASU and the family experience from being the father of two. – Jill Reed, FHUSD Board Vice President

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To learn more about Nick:



Or meet him in person at one of the following events:

Taco Talk
When: Tuesday, August 5th from 5 pm – 7 pm
Where: Sofrita in Fountain Hills –
What: Social gathering to meet Nick and new friends and neighbors. Happy Hour tacos, beer, margaritas and non-alcoholic beverages will be available. Donations are welcome.
Facebook Invite

Family Fun Day and Italian Ice Cool Down
When: Saturday, August 9th from 10 am – 12 pm
Where: Fountain Park – Rotary Centennial Splash Park in Fountain hills
What: Family gathering to meet Nick and enjoy our wonderful Rotary Centennial Splash Park. Delicious locally made Italian Ice will be provided. Grab a towel and any questions you may have for Nick. Let’s Party!
Facebook Invite

Voter Information
Ballots have already been mailed to those registered for this “all-mail” primary election. Ballots must be returned before 7 pm on Election Day, August 26th.

*This post is sponsored by Nick DePorter for Fountain Hills Town Council.

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