Centerpiece and Punch Piñata in one!

Well, I don’t know about you, but August starts birthday season in my house. It seems like every weekend we attend a different birthday party. It is a fun time, but it also means I have little time to prepare for my own children’s birthday parties. Therefore, I have to be creative and come up with quick ways to make their parties feel special, fun and enjoyable.

Last year, I made the typical punch piñata that you see on many sites. It was the board with cups on it and tissue paper. It worked great, but it took a few hours to make.


This year, I planned to skip this game altogether. That is until I asked my daughter what her favorite part of her birthday party was last year, besides her cake of course. She said, “The thing I got to punch!”

Looking at her big smiling face, I convinced myself to make another punch piñata. I was determined, however, to find a new easier method.

A New Spin on a Punch Pinata

Punch Pinata

As I was surfing Facebook one day, I saw this tutorial on making a sphere lamp with plastic cups. It inspired me to try a new spin on the punch piñata. Instead of doing cups on cardboard, or trying to cut out circles in a cardboard box I attempted to make a plastic dome punch piñata.

I stapled plastic cups together, as shown in the tutorial mentioned above, and made a dome. I then filled each cup with goodies. I covered the tops of the cups with tissue paper. For the bottom row, I used rubber bands to fasten the tissue paper to the cup. The rows above were so close together that no rubber band was needed. I just tucked the tissue paper into place and moved on to the next one. The results were better than expected. It took a very short time, and I had two punch piñatas ready to go!

Festive Centerpiece



Also, they look so festive they can serve as centerpieces. You could attach an image of the party theme to a skewer and stick it in between the top cups to make your centerpiece more festive.

In this case, I used green, red, and blue tissue paper as our theme was PJ Masks. It is easy to change for any theme and or event. The beautiful thing is, you can use it again if you wish. Just fill the cups again and replace the tissue paper for a new and easy punch piñata!

I hope this inspires you to create your own punch pinata.

Supplies List

1. Plastic cups (I used 64 for both domes)

2. Stapler and staples

3. Tissue paper

4. Rubber bands

5. Goodies to put in the cups

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