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Treasure Hunting

When I was little, I lived in the Florida Keys. Almost every day involved my sister and me playing in the Atlantic Ocean, or the Gulf of Mexico. We dreamed of pirates and the undiscovered treasures in the water surrounding us. Treasure hunting and adventure- These concepts are what fueled my imagination and desire to […]

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Full Bloom

My husband observed the other day that the desert in April has plenty to teach us about enthusiasm for life. It’s one of the things I love most about living here, a characteristic that resonates for me on a very deep level. It asks for so little, then shouts for joy once a year for […]

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Evening Story Time: Fountain Hills Library

Did you know that the Library now offers a Story Time for toddlers (3-5) in the evening? My children have been attending our local library story times since they were born. Unfortunately, I have only been able to accompany them a few times since I work during the day. I often wished I could attend […]

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Finding Myself in Fountain Hills.

  I’m not very good at transitions. Sometimes when I return from a vacation, it takes me a week to unpack my suitcase and two weeks before I can tackle the mail pile. It took me 9 years to adjust to being a mother of young children. The oldest wasn’t so young anymore by the […]

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