Back to School Time!

Back to School

My hat is off to you all who braved the summer heat. I have spent my summer in the cooler, wetter climates of Ireland and now I return home where eggs could fry on the sidewalk. I am sad to leave here, but we have a lot to do because it’s BACK TO SCHOOL time.

Reflections on Heading Back to School as a Kid

I remember when this was my favorite time, especially after an endless summer traveling with my family for my Dad’s work. I couldn’t wait to see my friends. And my son is the same. Almost… he did get to see his friends across the world on his phone; I don’t think we even called anyone during the summer.

Sometimes I would be going to a new school. That was exciting as well as nerve racking- I was the shy new kid with butterflies in my stomach, while my sister was the outgoing butterfly. But I survived and adapted, and when I found a friend or two- that’s all it really took to feel like I was supposed to be there. I still have some close friends from way back when and Facebook and other Social Media have brought some others back into my world.

A Mom’s Back to School Hustle

Now we must focus on the road ahead. Back to school means school shopping for both clothes and school supplies. My son insists on growing out of everything, every few months, so I need bargains. He is also more opinionated about his clothes. Is that what happens at 13?

We look online for sales, but we like to physically go to the store for purchase. I never know how things will fit him. We will be heading off to Ross (miss our FH one!), Target, JC Penney’s, Kohl’s, Sears, Old Navy and some sports stores. We will get the new running shoes (on sale) as well as Nike, Adidas and whatever other must haves for him. How I wish we had uniforms at his school.

Supplies are basic until we get the list of specifics from each of his teachers. I remember when it was one teacher with one list (cherish those days if you are in them), but now it is 7 or 8 teachers each with detailed lists. We stop at Target, Dollar Tree and Walmart (it’s always the final location for missing items) to get the best value. Hopefully we wrap it up quickly before we melt.

Squeezing in Last Minute Fun

Now just because school is about to start doesn’t mean the fun is over. We must try to squeeze in anything else we can do- like- meet up with friends he hasn’t seen all summer, go to a water park, play dodgeball at AZ Airtime, see all the movies we missed while in Ireland. The fun depends on the amount sales I find.

The school year ahead will be challenging (8th grade) and he is going to be working very hard to get the grades expected of him. So, he has taken the motto ‘Work hard, Play hard” to the limit of its definition.

Now if only I could bring the Irish weather with me or bring the Monsoons to cool Fountain Hills down, back to school will be a breeze. Stay tuned for my upcoming travel post about my summer in Ireland!

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