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The Great Escape- Ireland Part 2

   Standing on the Cliffs of Moher, on the West Coast of Ireland with my hair blowing in the strong breeze, my eyes are drawn to the surf below. The endless rolling waves that have carved out these walls for millions of years are continuing their work. The view is hard to put into words. […]

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The Great Escape

The great escape is what I call June 1st. The oven is opening, school is out and many people are fleeing the 100 + degree temps to cooler climates, the pool, mini vacations, or the living room with the shades closed and the AC on cold. When going for walks or hikes, they happen in […]

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Treasure Hunting

When I was little, I lived in the Florida Keys. Almost every day involved my sister and me playing in the Atlantic Ocean, or the Gulf of Mexico. We dreamed of pirates and the undiscovered treasures in the water surrounding us. Treasure hunting and adventure- These concepts are what fueled my imagination and desire to […]

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