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charlene Charlene Beil
I have always been an Artist at heart. I love painting, drawing, photography, writing and doing crafts with my children.  I am also a teacher who loves to help others learn, grow and surpass their expectations.

I am originally from California. However, I have lived in Arizona for over half my life now, so Arizona is home. I have lived in Prescott, Gilbert, Mesa, Tucson and now Fountain Hills.  I moved to this lovely little town of Fountain Hills when I married my husband seven years ago.

The original reason we picked Fountain Hills was because it was the midpoint between my workplace and my husbands.  At that time, we worked in entirely different directions so it was important for us to find someplace where the commute would not be awful for either one of us. Fountain Hills happened to be the perfect compromise.

At first, it seemed too small, I was worried that I wouldn’t like living here.  As the years passed, however, I have grown so attached to this town. I love how close it is to the bigger cities and how it still has a small hometown vibe. I love the fact that I can hike and run anywhere in town and feel safe. Not to mention, the friends I have met here are friends I know I will have for a lifetime.  This town is warm, inviting and has just enough to keep me busy indoors and out.

I love calling this Fountain Hills my home, and I am thrilled to be raising my children in such a loving community.

susanSusan Hinckley
Susan M. Hinckley is a writer turned artist turned artist/writer. Having spent decades in some of the coldest places in the US, she now splits her time between the Arizona desert and tropical Panama, pleased at having devised a way to have both a summer home and a summer home. When she’s not making stuff (or making stuff up), she enjoys reading and running. She’s forever in pursuit of the perfect western painting, the perfect desert sunset, the perfect guacamole, the perfect diet Coke, and the perfect words to describe it all.

I’m originally from Utah but have lived all over the US, with a big (icy) chunk of time spent in MN. My husband and I always hoped for the chance to return to the west. We thought we were aiming for Santa Fe, but somehow hit Fountain Hills instead due to a lucky job relocation. And it’s turned out to be the perfect spot. At last, we don’t have to explain our western art collection to our neighbors! We never want to leave.

I love Fountain Hills for the desert-postcard beauty, the small town feel, the remarkably central yet somehow still secluded location, and the mix of friendly residents. It’s a pleasure to be surrounded with people who love where they live, and who take pride in their neighborhoods and in their town. I think FH is definitely the Phoenix metro’s best kept secret.
Mornings will find me walking the hills in my neighborhood or running laps at the fountain, after which I often land at DJ’s for a bagel. I’ve spent the past few years planning and supervising the renovation of our quirky 30 year old territorial home, and plan to continue perfecting both the house and its setting. We think of it as our desert jewel, and it’s yet another of the things we love about living here. Everything about it suits us perfectly.


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Samantha Morton
When turning off of Shea onto Fountain Hills Blvd, with the line of tall palms on either side and the bright blue sky behind, I was excited to see what type of place was over the hill and would be my new home. Fountain Hills didn’t disappoint. I have been here since 2008 with my now 12 year old son, and have loved every minute of it.  I stay active in the community by helping produce TEDxFountain Hills and serving as the Co-Founder and CEO of DQD Inc, a nonprofit which began as a way to give girls in need quality clothing for proms, job interviews and special events in their lives. It has since grown… into classes and workshops on empowerment, motivation and etiquette, as well as mentoring for aspiring entrepreneurs and creative artists of any form. When I’m not working or attending college, I spend my summers in Ireland, exploring the country’s breathtaking settings, immersing myself into its culture and connecting with its amazing people.
Because of my father’s work as a musician, we moved with the seasons (and tourists). We lived all over the East coast, spending summers anywhere from the Jersey Shore to Bar Harbor Maine. We always returned each winter to the Florida Keys, a place I always considered “home”. I believe my exposure to different people, cultures and viewpoints at such a young age has shaped my awareness of life and the desire to connect with others.
I love to write. Driven by experiences in my life and desire for adventure, I have co-written a Middle-Grade adventure inspired by my 12 year old boy.  I love Fountain Hills because of its beauty, its people and its pace. The small town feeling abounds- from the local Safeway, where Angel greets you like an old friend, to Ken, the new owner of the Hills Pizza, who introduces himself and genuinely wants to make you feel welcome- Fountain Hills is a comfortable place to be.