11 Ways to Add (Sneak) Veggies into Food

I am always trying to find ways to add more vegetables into my child’s diet.  Some days she will eat veggies without a fight, other days I have to resort to some creative (sneaky) cooking. Here are some of my favorite methods and recipes.

Blend spinach into morning fruit smoothies. You can’t even taste it and it turns the smoothie a fun green color. This could result in a lot of fun smoothie names. (Green Monster Smoothie, Shrek Juice, etc.)

Kale chips are so easy and incredibly delicious.

Add zucchini into brownies with this amazing sea salt chocolate zucchini brownie recipe from Local Farm Foodie.

Frozen butternut squash can be thawed and added into a variety of foods. Heat up spaghetti sauce on the stove and thaw some frozen butternut squash right into it. Butternut squash puree is also a great addition to soup.

This sounds crazy, but cauliflower crust pizza is so good!

Here is an obvious one, but kids love to dip. I have lots of success from cutting up fresh veggies and offering it with hummus or any other yummy dip. To make it fun, cut up rainbow colored veggies.

If your kids love soup, but not the chunky veggies in it, simply blend it up! Add a cup of coconut milk to mimic the creamy taste of dairy and the veggies they are consuming will be the farthest thing from their mind.

Use spaghetti squash instead of angel hair noodles.

Use a carrot peeler to shave zucchini into fettuccine like noodles. Add a sauce or olive oil, tomatoes and basil.

No kid will protest pumpkin pie pancakes. Try this recipe we posted on I Heart Fountain Hills in December.

Also, pumpkin puree can be added into lasagna, yes lasagna. Check out this recipe from Local Farm Foodie. I could not believe how exceptional it was. Both my husband and daughter were asking for seconds.

Last, here is a great downloadable PDF (SOLLUS FITFAMILY SNACKS 1.1) from Sollus about healthy kids snacks. I keep this posted on our fridge for inspiration. Tons of great snack ideas!

If you have ideas on how to add more veggies into meals, please share!


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